Born in Saint-Petersburg, 1884. After graduate Gimnagium, he studied piano under Prof. Yesipova and Musicology under Prof. Grazunov. In 1905, he played piano at premiere concert of Piano Concert NO.2 composed and conducted by S. Rachmaninov,. In 1906, moved to Leipzig, he studied Methodology of conduct under a great conductor in Germany, A. Nikisch. Since 1908, he begun music activities in Berlin as Pianist, Conductor and Writer about music. In 1921, W. Furtwängler, one of the most famous Conductor in the world, invite him as Professor of piano department, Berlin Höheschule.Since 1926, he toured to U.S.A and Japan. In 1935, he escaped from persecute of the Nazis, went into exile to Japan. In 1937, heinaugurated Professor of Tokyo Ongaku Gakko ( present Tokyo University of Arts ) and taught many great musicians, while performed as pianist and conductor. In 1952, he married Ms. Toyoko Orimoto, who was pianist and educator. In 1953, he died at performance. Afterward his statue was erected in court of the Tokyo University of Arts, praised of his achievement for classical music of Japan, and his deathmasc was delivered to the Berlin Höheschule by one of the most famous conductor, Takashi Asahina.

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Piano Leonid Kreutzer
F. Chopin Etude in C minor, Op.10-12 “Revolutionary” / F. Chopin Etude in E major, Op.10-3 “Chanson de l´adieu” / L.v.Beethoven Piano Sonata No.21 in C major, “Waldstein”, Op.53 / S.Rachmaninoff Prélude No.2 in C-sharp minor from Morceaux de fantasie, Op.3 / I.J.Paderewski “Cracovienne fantastique” No.6 from 6 Humoresques de concert, Op.14/ with Alexander Moguilewsky : L.v.Beethoven Violin Sonata No.5 in F major, Op.24 “Spring”/ with Tamotsu Kinoshita : R.Schumann Dichterliebe, Op.48/ with Roman Dukson F. Chopin Cello Sonata in G minor, Op.65

     [The Legendary of Leonid Kreutzer]

CD1:Chopin WALTZER, Cis-moll, Op.64-2/ Chopin WALTZER, Ges-dur, Op.70-1/ Chopin WALTZER, E-moll, Op.Poth/ Chopin NOCTURNE, C-moll, Op.48-1/Chopin MAZURKA, Cis-moll, Op.41-1/Chopin ETÜDE, Ges-dur, Op.10-5“Schwarze Tasten“/ Chopin ETÜDE, Ges-dur, Op.25-9 “Schmetterlings“/Chopin PRÉLUDE, Cis-moll, Op.45 /Chopin BALLADE Nr.1, G-moll/Chopin BALLADE Nr.3, As-dur, Op.47/Liszt PAGANINI ETÜDE Nr.2, “Oktaves“/ Liszt PAGANINI ETÜDE Nr.3, “La Campanella“/ Liszt UNGARISCHE RAHPSODIE Nr.10 “Preludio“/ Liszt UNGARISCHE PHAPSODIE Nr.15 “Rácóczy Marsch“/Chopin=Liszt CHANT POLONAIS/Rachmaninoff PRÉLUDE Cis-moll, Op.3-2/Paderewski CRACOVIENNE FANTASTIQUE, Op.14-6
CD2:Beethoven SONATE FÜR KLAVIER Nr.12 As-dur, Op.26 “Trauermarsch“/ Beethoven SONATE FÜR KLAVIER Nr.14 Cis-moll, Op.27-2“Mondschein“/ Beethoven SONATE FÜR KLAVIER Nr.31 As-dur, Op.110

   [The Legendary of Leonid Kreutzer]

Legendary of Leonid Kreutzer]
RACHMANINOFF Konzert Nr.2 für Klavier nd Orchester C-Moll, Op.18/CHOPIN 24 Präludien Op.28

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